Funds2Orgs is privileged to work with micro-entrepreneurs in Haiti, helping them succeed and create a new lifestyle for themselves and their families. Funds2Orgs founder, Wayne Elsey, has traveled numerous times to Haiti, getting to know these micro-entrepreneurs and their families. Their stories have inspired him to extend our reach, and develop a new training center in their community.

Opening in December 2014, the Funds2Orgs DEPOT is the first micro-enterprise shoe training depot in Haiti. It offers training and resources for micro-entrepreneurs to extend their business and knowledge within the shoe trade. The DEPOT will offer incentive based courses in the following subject areas:

  • Introduction to micro-enterprise
  • Finance Security
  • Strategic planning
  • Inventory management


Beyond the training and offered courses, micro-entrepreneurs will be able to purchase goods, including shoes, directly on site. As incentive for those participating in the offered courses, individuals will be eligible to purchase materials at a reduced rate upon completion of their course.

Funds2Orgs is very excited to delve into this new opportunity, furthering our commitment to improving the lives of micro-entrepreneurs and their families abroad. Since the 2010 earthquake, Elsey has been providing funds, goods, training, and resources to rebuild and ignite Haiti. The Funds2Orgs DEPOT is the first training module established by Funds2Orgs.


For more information about the Funds2Orgs DEPOT or to learn more about Funds2Orgs, please contact us.

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